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Multiplication using Arrays


This week in 3O we are revisiting multiplication! Yesterday, we used counters and numicon to make arrays showing different times tables. Working in pairs, we used our resources to find the answers to multiplication questions!

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Telling the time!


In 3O we have been working very hard on reading the time on analogue clocks! We used our yellow clocks to show different times during the day.         The coloured hands helped us remember which showed us the hour and which showed us minutes.   This was very useful when reading the time […]

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Word Problem Involving Measure


Maths today was a challenge…in 3O we do like a good challenge!  WORD PROBLEMS! We identified that we need to read the question really carefully otherwise we can sometimes get confused! 1. Read the question CAREFULLY.  2. Decide which numbers or data we need for our calculation.  3. Identify the operation we need to use […]

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Durung our lesson today we looked at how to work out the perimeter of shapes! We noticed the perimeter is the outside of a shape! Then we used this knowledge to measure each side of the MUGA, we then added them together to get our final perimeter. We then applied this to questions in our […]

Equivalent Fractions


Today we learned how to find equivalent fractions using Numicon! We had to use a range of our knowledge including our times tables to find them!       

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Maths – 3D Shapes


Task: To make and label 3D shapes. We discussed 3D shapes and their properties!   We then created some shapes of our own and labelled them.        

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