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Durung our lesson today we looked at how to work out the perimeter of shapes!

We noticed the perimeter is the outside of a shape!

Then we used this knowledge to measure each side of the MUGA, we then added them together to get our final perimeter.

We then applied this to questions in our books! Some of us could even work with compound shapes!

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Equivalent Fractions


Today we learned how to find equivalent fractions using Numicon! We had to use a range of our knowledge including our times tables to find them!   


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The Green Ship by Oliver


It was a ship!

A bright green ship with two enormous funnels rising from the base.  A little house the size of a shed stood at the front of the boat.  The stern and bow were carved out of bushes.  Tall wooden masts stood at either end of the ship. It was enormous like a beautiful butterfly.  A compass was attached to one of the masts; the wind was blowing north. I looked at my brother, he looked astonished and so was I.

“Come on,” I nagged him.

“OK,” he replied and we climbed the side of our discovery.

We looked around the shed like cabin, there were a bunch of photos of a man in uniform. A jack o’lantern hung from the ceiling. You could see the beautiful garden outside.  Suddenly a voice made us jump.



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Maths – 3D Shapes


Task: To make and label 3D shapes.

We discussed 3D shapes and their properties!

We then created some shapes of our own and labelled them.




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