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Advice for Year 4


Dear Year 4’s, Do you have any advice or tips to give us before we start Year 4? From 3O

PSHEE – Safety


Last week in PSHEE we learnt about safety in and out of school. On Friday, we practiced emergency scenarios and how we could call for help when we need it.  We discussed the different services we might need and how to give useful information to get help as quickly as possible.         

Our Local Area


Over half term 3O created lots of fantastic homework about our local area. Here are a few pictures of the presentations we created and the excellent maps we designed and made!           

Year 3 trip to Hadleigh Park


Last week we visited Hadleigh Park and took a trip back to the Stone and Iron Ages. We became archeologists and excavated items from the Stone Age.    Then we made clay pots using the same techniques and styles that were used in the Stone Age! We also explored how humans in the Iron Age […]

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Today in Science we carried out investigations to find out more about magnets. We tested whether different magnets are equally as strong using a range of magnets and weights.   We also investigated how far a magnetic force spreads away from a magnet. Finally we tested which materials a magnet attracts using items around the classroom.

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Multiplication using Arrays


This week in 3O we are revisiting multiplication! Yesterday, we used counters and numicon to make arrays showing different times tables. Working in pairs, we used our resources to find the answers to multiplication questions!

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Stonehenge, England by Alexandra and Heida


In Topic this term we have been looking at the Stone Age! In Art, we combined different techniques to create a finished picture of Stonehenge. We used white and blue paint to create the background, and black card to create the shapes of the stones.  

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Telling the time!


In 3O we have been working very hard on reading the time on analogue clocks! We used our yellow clocks to show different times during the day.         The coloured hands helped us remember which showed us the hour and which showed us minutes.   This was very useful when reading the time […]

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PSHEE – Taking Turns, Listening and Seeing Things From Another Point Of View


Last term in PSHEE we discussed what it means to be a good listener and practised taking turns when talking in a big group!        We also had some role play to help us understand how to see things from another point of view. Have a listen to Oliver sharing what he learnt that […]

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Word Problem Involving Measure


Maths today was a challenge…in 3O we do like a good challenge!  WORD PROBLEMS! We identified that we need to read the question really carefully otherwise we can sometimes get confused! 1. Read the question CAREFULLY.  2. Decide which numbers or data we need for our calculation.  3. Identify the operation we need to use […]

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